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Stephen Woolley Occupational Therapy is based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.


Occupational Therapy services are provided throughout the Melbourne and greater Melbourne areas.


For remote/rural areas please contact us for more specific information on whether your area is serviced and/or whether we have the ability to provide services to your area.


For interstate customers please contact us to discuss your specific service request.

ADL Assessment

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments review a client's ability to complete routine daily tasks after an injury or due to a medical condition. The client is provided advice on equipment and strategies to promote independence and reduce the risk of further injury. Stephen Woolley is approved to complete WorkSafe ADL Assessments for agents.


Driving Assessment

An OT driving assessment (Approved OT Driving Assessor; VicRoads Registration Number: 15A27) is completed for individuals who have a medical condition which may impact on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle (car). The assessment involves both an off road assessment, as well as an on road assessment with the OT and a specialised driving instructor. Assessments can be completed for individuals, or on behalf of VicRoads or a person’s treater.


Early Intervention / Injury Prevention/ Manual Handling

Advice on early intervention strategies to reduce the risk of injury/re-injury in the workplace. This may include practical solutions within the workplace such as work modifications, work simplification and manual handling training. Stephen has provided early intervention services for a number of private companies, and State and Federal government organisations. Manual handling training can be completed individually or within a group setting.


Equipment Advice and Prescription

Due to an injury/medical condition an individual may need an assessment to identify whether assistive equipment may help them to maintain their independence and safety when completing routine daily tasks. This equipment may be needed for the short or long term. Following a detailed assessment of an individual’s needs they are provided information on various equipment which may assist them including trials and demonstrations. A follow up visit is also completed to ensure the equipment is suitable for their needs and correctly used. Equipment may be aids to assist with meal tasks, cleaning tasks, laundry tasks, bathroom and toilet tasks, bedroom tasks, transfers and mobility. Stephen Woolley is approved to apply for funding for equipment through SWEP. 


Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment reviews an individual's workstation to ensure it is set up appropriately for their needs and therefore reduces the risk of discomfort. An ergonomic assessment can be completed in various settings such as an office/desk based role or a factory role. As well as correctly setting up an individual's workstation, the client is also provided education on postural breaks and exercises to further minimise risk of discomfort. Following an assessment, the client/employer is provided with a detailed report, including information on suppliers and cost for any equipment recommendations. Assessments can be completed individually or within a group setting.


Functional Capacity Evaluation (WorkHab)

A functional capacity evaluation or FCE is a standardised assessment carried out in a controlled environment which simulates an individual's workplace and/or work demands. It is completed to identify an individual's strengths and limitations, and therefore reduce the risk of further injury or re-injury. A FCE maybe carried out on a worker to identify their lifting capacities or postural tolerances following a work related injury, completed on an individual to ensure they have the capabilities to meet the inherent requirements of their role and/or on an individual who has a non work related medical condition which may impact on their ability to complete their role safely.


Home Visit / Falls Prevention

Due to a medical condition, injury and/or the aging process, an individual may be more susceptible to falling. This can result in significant loss of confidence and anxiety when mobilising in the family home and/or community. A falls prevention program can be tailored for individuals or groups, with the main aim to improve an individual's balance, strength and confidence when mobilising. The program can be completed in an individual's home or in a group setting such as an aged care facility.


In-Home Rehabilitation

Stephen Woolley has extensive experience in providing occupational therapy services for individuals who have sustained a significant injury or medical condition such as stroke, cardiac disease, spinal cord injury, oncology and acquired brain injury. He is able to provide in home rehabilitation services to these individuals with the focus being client centred treatment approaches and goals which aim to improve and promote independence within the home and the community. Treatment can be provided either under WorkSafe Victoria, Medicare, DVA, privately or Private Health Funds which have Occupational Therapy Services.


Life Insurance Assessment

Stephen Woolley is able to complete Occupational Therapy Assessments for clients who have sustained ongoing and permanent disabilities as a result of an injury and as part of their life insurance policy. These assessments are initiated by the client's insurer and can involve assessments to identify their capacity to complete routine daily tasks and/or work capacity.


Medico-Legal Assessment

Stephen Woolley uses his comprehensive knowledge in the area of occupational therapy and nursing to complete objective medico legal assessments for individuals injured either in the workplace, transport accidents, or personal injury. Stephen’s expertise within the disability field allows him to provide objective and evidence based reports as an expert witness which details past care requirements, future care requirements, equipment and home modification requirements, and a detailed costing section. He has experience completing medico legal reports in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria and has sound knowledge of the relevant legislative acts. He has completed reports for both plaintiffs and defendants.


Minor and Major Home Modifications

Due to an injury/medical condition an individual may need an assessment to identify whether home modifications may be required to ensure they are independent and safe when completing routine daily tasks Stephen Woolley has extensive knowledge in assessing an individuals home and making appropriate recommendations for minor and major home modifications. This may include a simple recommendation for a grab rail to assist with transfers to a major bathroom or home modification to allow wheelchair access.


Pre-Employment Functional Assessment

Stephen Woolley uses his comprehensive knowledge in the areas of occupational therapy and nursing to complete pre employment screens for employers to ensure a candidate will be suitable for the proposed role and therefore reduces the risk of injury and a possible work related injury in the future. The report contains recommendations to assist the employer minimise risk and the possibility of the candidate injuring themselves in the workplace in the future.


Return to Work Services

Stephen Woolley has extensive experience in the occupational rehabilitation area in Victoria and has a sound knowledge of the relevant State and Federal legislation and regulations. This knowledge has been developed over many years of experience in this field and following provision of return to work services for WorkSafe Victoria, Comcare, and Self Insurers. Stephen’s clinical skills and experience in the health care sector allows him to assist various clients with varying levels of complexities. Stephen has well developed communication skills and a proactive approach to ensure all parties needs are met, goals are achieved and all barriers resolved as soon as possible. This includes liaising closely and face to face with treaters, communicating effectively with the worker, insurer and employer, completing comprehensive worksite assessments to have a thorough understanding of the pre injury work requirements and suitable duties available, and developing graduated return to work plans which consider the short and long term plan for returning to pre injury duties and hours.


Seating, Mobility and Pressure Care

Stephen Woolley has extensive knowledge with the provision of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs and scooters. Stephen understands how an individual’s specific needs and medical condition can influence what mobility aid will meet their requirements. He also has experience in the provision of pressure relief aids such as pressure relief cushions for seats and beds in order to reduce the risk of pressure areas developing.


Worksite Visits and Job Task Analysis

Stephen Woolley has extensive experience in completing worksite visits and task analysis of an individual's role. Stephen has completed assessments at various workplaces including factories, manufacturing, pick and packing, office and desk based positions, processing roles and physically demanding roles. He has provided advice to employers on task modification and injury prevention strategies to reduce the risk of future injury or re-injury.

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